Adventures in Selling

I would never have cheated on my husband in a million years. At least not unless my judgment was seriously impaired at the time. I discovered long ago that with too much to drink almost anything is possible. Beyond that, I was way too honest a person to ever carry out a deception like cheating. However, playing the role of a cheating wife when, in actuality, my husband knew all about it, got easier and easier as time went on. I was always careful to make it clear to any men I got close to that I was not interested in a relationship other than a sexual one, along with simple friendship of course. If anyone showed any sign of having persistent designs on me in any other way, the relationship would soon be cut short.

There were a few of those over the years but not many. Most of the guys I got together with were very happy to relate to me on a purely sexual level, fellow erotic adventurers so to speak, especially when they realized it was that or nothing. In the latter part of the eighties when I began to work as a sales professional, I met a lot of friendly, ambitious, attractive men, some as colleagues but most as clients or potential clients. Playing the part of the "cheating wife" was very easy, not to mention convenient, in that environment.

For a while I worked as an Account Executive for a business publication, selling advertising to an established territory. A large part of that territory was in another city more than 150 km away. I had to travel there regularly to make sales calls, often staying over at least one night to save on travel time. I didn't really care for the job although I was very good at it but I did enjoy meeting my clients, most of them that is. The vast majority of them were medium-sized business owners and executives and most were very friendly and interesting to talk to. Almost all were men and for some of them I am sure that I was a bright spot in their day.

My libido was at a very high level during that period and I used to love flirting with men that I liked and found attractive. There was a guy named Greg whom I used to call upon who, for some reason was particularly attractive to me. He wasn't especially good-looking but had a great sense of humour and an intriguing personality. He handled the advertising for a cluster of related companies, several of which my company had long-standing contracts with. At first I used to call on him at once a month to make sure his needs were taken care of and ensure the continuity of the contracts.

Greg was always a fun guy to chat with and I always looked forward to seeing him. He tended to be quite forward and subtly let me know he was interested in me the first time I was in his office. Nothing happened between us then but I began to tease and flirt with him a little more each time I was in his office after that. I could tell that he loved it and looked forward to my visits. It was obvious when he suggested that he would be a happier customer if I called on him every two weeks rather than just once a month, the way I had been.

After that first time, when I was there for a meeting, before I walked into his office I would unbutton a few of the top buttons on my blouse. With the help of a low-cut push-up type bra, he couldn't possibly not notice the amount of cleavage I would be showing him. Normally, at work, I used to wear my skirts fairly long back then, knee-length or just above but I always wore stockings and garters rather than pantyhose. Whenever I crossed my legs I would make sure he would get a glimpse up my skirt or dress. The first time I did it I could tell that he noticed my garters and stockings by the way his eyes got wide as he stared directly up my skirt. I almost laughed out loud when he suddenly forgot what he was talking about and started to stutter and stammer.

These erotic games went on for a couple of months before anything significant actually happened between Greg and I. Once it did however, there was no going back for either of us. The first time we had sex he actually got a hotel room and we spent at least a couple of hours doing just about everything sexual we could think of. Primarily we spent the time fucking in every position we could think of and that we could achieve in that hotel room. After that first get-together, we rarely took so much time as that for our fun and games. Both of us had demanding jobs and simply couldn't afford to take that much time out of our day, unless it was a special occasion of course.

Wow. We certainly made use of the time we had though. Greg was an unusually imaginative guy and could be incredibly bold at times. I can't help but shake my head and smile when I think back about the things we used to do. My husband, Mike, used to love hearing about it. On the day I got back from my regular sales trip to Greg's city, he could hardly wait to hear about my day and I could hardly wait to tell him. We would try to force ourselves to wait until the kids were in bed before we started talking about it as it invariably led to some very hot sex.

There were a number of other guys that I had hot fun with over the time that I worked in that position but Greg was unquestionably the most adventurous. I will definitely be writing more about some of things that happened between Greg and I in future updates.

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