Extra Man Around The House

In a previous entry I mentioned a guy named Roger who stayed with us for several months during the winter and spring of 1989. My husband and I had started a new business the year before and Roger came to work for us part-time when he found himself laid-off from his previous job. We had known him, though not well, for a couple of years and he and I and Mike had a number of mutual friends. Naturally, I got to know him a lot better after he joined our fledgling company.

A month or two after Roger starting working with us, I found out that he and his wife had decided to separate. This had nothing to do with Mike or myself but I wasn't surprised from what I had heard through the grapevine. Belinda was staying in the house so Roger had to move out. At the time finding an apartment was difficult in the area. Roger was in a bit of a bind so I suggested to Mike that we could offer him room and board at our place temporarily. We had a fully furnished basement bedroom that wasn't being used at all and was perfect for the purpose. Mike was in favour so within a week or two, Roger had moved in with us.

It wasn't the first time we had rented out out basement room. Several people had lived in our basement room over the years, including my nephew who was only a few years younger than me. He had previously boarded in our basement two different times, about six months each time. A handsome, sexy, charming guy, he was a bit of a party animal back in those days. Thinking about him and some of his friends brings back a lot of fond memories. I'll have to save those for another time however.

On the second Friday night after Roger moved in, he had gone out in the early evening but had returned fairly early and was down in his room in the basement. Mike and I had gone to bed but weren't at all sleepy. We were fooling around in the bedroom and both of us were really horny. As he slowly fucked me, Mike asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and see Roger. He already knew the answer but really liked to hear me say it. Mike had told me before that, if I wanted to have sex with Roger, it was OK with him, as long as I always told him every little detail.

Roger and I had already had a small encounter a couple of nights before. Although the basement room was nicely furnished, it didn't have a bathroom so he had to come upstairs to use the one on the main floor. By coincidence, I ran into him there late one night. He was on the way in and I was on the way out. All I had on was a pair of lacy bottoms and a little lacy top that barely covered my breasts.

Meeting in the doorway, we both stopped, stunned for a moment. When I recovered from my surprise, I moved close and pressed myself against him, looking up into his eyes, hoping he would be bold and kiss me. He didn't disappoint but we couldn't go any further right then. The kids were in their bedrooms sleeping and could potentially wake up and go to the bathroom at any time so we had to cut it short.

I had told Mike all about that encounter of course so he knew that Roger and I had broken the ice to a certain extent. When he asked me if I wanted to go downstairs that night, I wasn't long saying yes. Roger was very happy to see me and it was only a half-hour or so, before I returned to Mike with a big load of Roger's cum in my pussy (and that was the from the second time that he came).

That night began an ongoing erotic situation between the three of us that was pretty amazing while it lasted. What one couldn't think of, another one could, so there wasn't much that we didn't try. The only time we had for play though was what we could spare from work and only then, when the kids weren't around. I'll have to say, we certainly did well with the time we had.

I have a lot of wonderful memories from that time. There were so many outstanding erotic situations. Maybe I'll tell you more about some of them in my next update.

A Drunken Wife

When my husband, Mike, first began to encourage me to tease and flirt with other men, I must say I was somewhat incredulous. I was afraid that if I actually went ahead and had sex with someone else, he would end up holding it over my head, perhaps using it as a justification for going out and having an affair with another woman. We have always been very close and I didn't think for a minute that he might intentionally do such a thing. Nevertheless, sometimes people don't fully understand their own motivations and end up reacting in ways that they did not anticipate.

As time went on I became more and more assured of his sincerity and even began to understand his motivations a little. He had been pleased and excited when, as part of our first swinging experiment with another couple, I had had sex with his friend Rick. Throughout the rest of our swinging relationship with Rick and Lilah, he had never shown any signs of jealousy or vindictiveness about my sexual relationship with his friend.

Later, when his friend Frank fucked me one afternoon right in front of him, there was no indication from him of anything but sincere approval and even pride in my lascivious behaviour and sexual capability. In both of those situations, my sex partners had been my husband's good friends and he had been directly involved in the planning and initiating of the encounters. The question was how would he react to me having sex with someone else when it was exclusively my idea and my choice of a partner?

It wasn't until an incident one Saturday night in 1983 that I became completely convinced. Our next-door neighbours at the time were a large family with a number of older children, several of whom were out of school but still living at home. One of them, Scott, was a good-looking guy, about twenty years old, who used to come over to visit Mike and I regularly. He would often drop in on Friday or Saturday evenings to have a beer and chat before he went out with his friends. Therefore, it wasn't at all unusual when he dropped in to our house that evening about 7pm.

At the time my husband was working shift work on a twenty-four hour operation and regularly worked at night and on the weekends. That day he was scheduled to work overnight starting at 8pm which meant that he had to leave home by 7:30. Therefore, it wasn't very long after Scott arrived that Mike had to say good-bye for the night and head off to work. Usually I would have had the kids with me but that particular night, my parents had taken our youngest to their place for the weekend and my oldest had gone to a friend's place for a sleepover.

As a result I felt particularly liberated that evening. It was a drag that Mike had to work but, without the kids, at least I could relax and have a few drinks. Scott and I sat there chatting and drinking beer from a case Scott had brought with him. That struck me as being unusual. When I asked him about it he told me that he was going out with his friend Darren later. He had asked Darren to pick him up at my place so he had brought the whole case with him. I should have known. For a minute there I thought that Scott was going to pay us back some of the beer that he had drank of ours.

Scott said that since Darren was driving, he could drink as much as he wanted. As I mentioned, I was feeling pretty footloose and fancy-free myself, so we both slugged away at the beer and had a great conversation. It wasn't very before Darren arrived but Scott and I were already well on our way to getting drunk. Instead of leaving and taking Scott with him, after coming in and sitting down for a few minutes Darren decided to stay and get drunk too. The story of the rest of that evening is way too long to tell you here. Put it this way. I had a lot of explaining to do to Mike after he got home from work the next morning.

When he came in that Sunday morning, I was sleeping on the sofa in the livingroom, wearing just a t-shirt. I woke up right away when he spoke to me but I had an obvious hang-over. I felt him gently part my legs and slip his finger into my vagina. I figured that he would realize right away that I had been fucked while he was gone and under the grogginess of the hangover, I was afraid how he would react. I was much relieved when he just gave me a little knowing smile and asked if I had had a good time last night. Later, after I had recovered a little and we were able to talk about it further, I told him every detail that I could remember about what had happened. As I related the story of what had happened, he didn't show any sign of being angry or jealous at all. His main concern was simply that I was ok and that I had had a good time and hadn't done anything that I regretted.

That is not to say that Mike was completely happy with my getting drunk. He reminded me of the need to be careful in drinking too much and the possibility of doing things one might seriously regret later. Outside of that, he was fine and freely admitted that he was turned on by what had happened. We had amazing sex that day while I told him the intimate details about what I had done with Darren and Scott the night before. From that day on, I was fully convinced that he had been totally honest with me about his feelings and motivations.

Fun With Home Renovations

Back when my husband first began to hint that he might like me to have sex with other men, I must say I was a little confused by it. I had been brought up to assume that being married meant that I would never be able to consider such things, and still stay married that is. I was very happy with my marriage to Mike and wasn't interested in risking it for anything. That is not to say that I was never sexually attracted to other guys. I just considered sexual fidelity to be an inescapable part of the marital arrangement.

That began to change when we had our first experience swinging with another couple. One night after going out dancing with a couple who were our best friends at the time, we ended up coming back to our place and swapping partners for the night. We had all had a little too much to drink which certainly helped it along. Nevertheless, all of us were well-aware of what we were doing and sincerely wanted to do it at the time.

Surprisingly enough, that first experiment worked out very well, considering it was the first time for both us and the other couple. We all had a lot of fun with it. The next day, once we got over the initial shock at what had transpired, all four of us were very happy with it and excited about the possibilities in the future. Mike was extremely pleased and excited about how well I did with Rick and how much fun I had doing it. In fact, he was more excited about my newly-expressed willingness and enthusiasm for sex with other men than he was about his own possibilities of having sex with other women.

Wow, pleasing my man by having sex with other men. It almost boggled my mind at first but I soon began to appreciate and accept his perspective. I still didn't fully understand it but I came to know that he was truly sincere and very pleased and excited about the expansion of my sexual horizons. He didn't think less of me. Quite the contrary, he seemed to appreciate and admire me more than ever. How could I complain?

A week or two after that, Mike brought up the possibility of my having sex with another one of his friends, Frank. In fact, Frank was an old friend to both of us, going back to when we were single. I was in the same class as Frank in high school and Mike got to know him well when they both got their first full-time job at the same company. Mike was so happy when I agreed, especially when I assured him that I really wanted to, that I wasn't doing it just to please him.

I remember the day it happened like yesterday. Our daughter was away at school and Mike and I were both on a day off from work. Frank was off as well that day and Mike had asked him to come over to help with a home renovation project he had going. Mike had discussed the possibilities with Frank before so he had a pretty good idea what might be going on. I had no doubt that Frank would want to have sex with me. We had teased each other with hints and sexual innuendos for years. We liked each other and were attracted to each other sexually. Nothing had never happened between us and both of us had accepted that nothing ever would after I got married to Mike.

I was wet with excitement before Frank even got there. I put on my sexiest lingerie with a mini-skirt and button-up blouse over top and a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes. When Frank arrived, Mike told him that there was something else he wanted to do before they got started on the project. When I walked out into the kitchen to greet Frank, he almost fainted. All he could do was nod his head and stammer about how great I looked.

We played a game of strip-poker and, although I am normally very lucky at cards, for some reason it wasn't very long before I was stripped down to just my lingerie. It was a red lacy chemise type of garment, mostly see-through, with just a thong going between my legs. My tits and pussy were plainly visible and neither of the guys could take their eyes off me and were both sporting big erections. Mike was shuffling the cards for another hand when I moved over and unzipped Frank's pants, freeing his throbbing hard cock. He had a nice sized member and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I immediately bent over and took it into my mouth and began sucking it like a big lolipop.

I was on fire. I wanted Frank's cock inside me more than almost anything at that moment. Knowing my husband would be pleased with my unabashed sexuality, I didn't waste any time. I led Frank by his cock into the bedroom and lay back on the bed with my knees pulled up and my legs spread wide. The thong on my lingerie was loose enough to be easily pulled over to allow access to my pussy which was literally dripping with excitement. We fucked for a long while with Mike watching wide-eyed, his stiff cock in his hand. Frank surprised me a little with his stamina and I lost all track of time until I heard Mike say that we were running out of time and had to finish up.

Our daughter was due to arrive home on the school bus around 3:20pm and by then it was a few minutes after 3. Frank started fucking me with renewed vigor and within a minute we both came. I had cum several times before but the feel of his cock spasming with orgasm and spurting me full of semen pushed me over the edge again to an absolutely explosive climax. By the time we came to our senses, we had to hustle to clean up and get ready. When my daughter, about eight years old at the time, arrived home, everything was perfectly normal. Mike and Frank were in the basement working and I was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I could feel Frank's load oozing out into my panties but I kept as much inside me as I could, hoping that Mike would have a chance to fuck me while it was still there. There was something that felt very naughty about having sex with my husband, my pussy lubricated by another man's cum. I was beginning to understand my husband's strange desires a little. I thought he would appreciate it and a couple of hours later I found out that I was right.

That was the very first time I was fucked by another man in front of my husband. It has happened on many occasions since that afternoon back in 1982 but I'll never forget that first time. It felt like the beginning of something good and our experiences over the years since then have proven how true that feeling really was.