Extra Man Around The House

In a previous entry I mentioned a guy named Roger who stayed with us for several months during the winter and spring of 1989. My husband and I had started a new business the year before and Roger came to work for us part-time when he found himself laid-off from his previous job. We had known him, though not well, for a couple of years and he and I and Mike had a number of mutual friends. Naturally, I got to know him a lot better after he joined our fledgling company.

A month or two after Roger starting working with us, I found out that he and his wife had decided to separate. This had nothing to do with Mike or myself but I wasn't surprised from what I had heard through the grapevine. Belinda was staying in the house so Roger had to move out. At the time finding an apartment was difficult in the area. Roger was in a bit of a bind so I suggested to Mike that we could offer him room and board at our place temporarily. We had a fully furnished basement bedroom that wasn't being used at all and was perfect for the purpose. Mike was in favour so within a week or two, Roger had moved in with us.

It wasn't the first time we had rented out out basement room. Several people had lived in our basement room over the years, including my nephew who was only a few years younger than me. He had previously boarded in our basement two different times, about six months each time. A handsome, sexy, charming guy, he was a bit of a party animal back in those days. Thinking about him and some of his friends brings back a lot of fond memories. I'll have to save those for another time however.

On the second Friday night after Roger moved in, he had gone out in the early evening but had returned fairly early and was down in his room in the basement. Mike and I had gone to bed but weren't at all sleepy. We were fooling around in the bedroom and both of us were really horny. As he slowly fucked me, Mike asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and see Roger. He already knew the answer but really liked to hear me say it. Mike had told me before that, if I wanted to have sex with Roger, it was OK with him, as long as I always told him every little detail.

Roger and I had already had a small encounter a couple of nights before. Although the basement room was nicely furnished, it didn't have a bathroom so he had to come upstairs to use the one on the main floor. By coincidence, I ran into him there late one night. He was on the way in and I was on the way out. All I had on was a pair of lacy bottoms and a little lacy top that barely covered my breasts.

Meeting in the doorway, we both stopped, stunned for a moment. When I recovered from my surprise, I moved close and pressed myself against him, looking up into his eyes, hoping he would be bold and kiss me. He didn't disappoint but we couldn't go any further right then. The kids were in their bedrooms sleeping and could potentially wake up and go to the bathroom at any time so we had to cut it short.

I had told Mike all about that encounter of course so he knew that Roger and I had broken the ice to a certain extent. When he asked me if I wanted to go downstairs that night, I wasn't long saying yes. Roger was very happy to see me and it was only a half-hour or so, before I returned to Mike with a big load of Roger's cum in my pussy (and that was the from the second time that he came).

That night began an ongoing erotic situation between the three of us that was pretty amazing while it lasted. What one couldn't think of, another one could, so there wasn't much that we didn't try. The only time we had for play though was what we could spare from work and only then, when the kids weren't around. I'll have to say, we certainly did well with the time we had.

I have a lot of wonderful memories from that time. There were so many outstanding erotic situations. Maybe I'll tell you more about some of them in my next update.


Buffalo said...

Just so you know, enjoyed the read.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Jesus, have mercy on her soul.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Jesus, have mercy on her soul.