A Drunken Wife

When my husband, Mike, first began to encourage me to tease and flirt with other men, I must say I was somewhat incredulous. I was afraid that if I actually went ahead and had sex with someone else, he would end up holding it over my head, perhaps using it as a justification for going out and having an affair with another woman. We have always been very close and I didn't think for a minute that he might intentionally do such a thing. Nevertheless, sometimes people don't fully understand their own motivations and end up reacting in ways that they did not anticipate.

As time went on I became more and more assured of his sincerity and even began to understand his motivations a little. He had been pleased and excited when, as part of our first swinging experiment with another couple, I had had sex with his friend Rick. Throughout the rest of our swinging relationship with Rick and Lilah, he had never shown any signs of jealousy or vindictiveness about my sexual relationship with his friend.

Later, when his friend Frank fucked me one afternoon right in front of him, there was no indication from him of anything but sincere approval and even pride in my lascivious behaviour and sexual capability. In both of those situations, my sex partners had been my husband's good friends and he had been directly involved in the planning and initiating of the encounters. The question was how would he react to me having sex with someone else when it was exclusively my idea and my choice of a partner?

It wasn't until an incident one Saturday night in 1983 that I became completely convinced. Our next-door neighbours at the time were a large family with a number of older children, several of whom were out of school but still living at home. One of them, Scott, was a good-looking guy, about twenty years old, who used to come over to visit Mike and I regularly. He would often drop in on Friday or Saturday evenings to have a beer and chat before he went out with his friends. Therefore, it wasn't at all unusual when he dropped in to our house that evening about 7pm.

At the time my husband was working shift work on a twenty-four hour operation and regularly worked at night and on the weekends. That day he was scheduled to work overnight starting at 8pm which meant that he had to leave home by 7:30. Therefore, it wasn't very long after Scott arrived that Mike had to say good-bye for the night and head off to work. Usually I would have had the kids with me but that particular night, my parents had taken our youngest to their place for the weekend and my oldest had gone to a friend's place for a sleepover.

As a result I felt particularly liberated that evening. It was a drag that Mike had to work but, without the kids, at least I could relax and have a few drinks. Scott and I sat there chatting and drinking beer from a case Scott had brought with him. That struck me as being unusual. When I asked him about it he told me that he was going out with his friend Darren later. He had asked Darren to pick him up at my place so he had brought the whole case with him. I should have known. For a minute there I thought that Scott was going to pay us back some of the beer that he had drank of ours.

Scott said that since Darren was driving, he could drink as much as he wanted. As I mentioned, I was feeling pretty footloose and fancy-free myself, so we both slugged away at the beer and had a great conversation. It wasn't very before Darren arrived but Scott and I were already well on our way to getting drunk. Instead of leaving and taking Scott with him, after coming in and sitting down for a few minutes Darren decided to stay and get drunk too. The story of the rest of that evening is way too long to tell you here. Put it this way. I had a lot of explaining to do to Mike after he got home from work the next morning.

When he came in that Sunday morning, I was sleeping on the sofa in the livingroom, wearing just a t-shirt. I woke up right away when he spoke to me but I had an obvious hang-over. I felt him gently part my legs and slip his finger into my vagina. I figured that he would realize right away that I had been fucked while he was gone and under the grogginess of the hangover, I was afraid how he would react. I was much relieved when he just gave me a little knowing smile and asked if I had had a good time last night. Later, after I had recovered a little and we were able to talk about it further, I told him every detail that I could remember about what had happened. As I related the story of what had happened, he didn't show any sign of being angry or jealous at all. His main concern was simply that I was ok and that I had had a good time and hadn't done anything that I regretted.

That is not to say that Mike was completely happy with my getting drunk. He reminded me of the need to be careful in drinking too much and the possibility of doing things one might seriously regret later. Outside of that, he was fine and freely admitted that he was turned on by what had happened. We had amazing sex that day while I told him the intimate details about what I had done with Darren and Scott the night before. From that day on, I was fully convinced that he had been totally honest with me about his feelings and motivations.


Grey Owl said...

Wow... I'm new to your blog and just started reading. My first time experience with this is on my blog; at the time, I didn't know what to think when a wife of a friend invited me to their home one evening.

It's all there, if you read another true life experience. Thank You for sharing your experiences and helping some of us gather more insight into the whole HW life.

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff here. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

This is a very interesting and well written blog you have. I look forward to reading more (and in more detail) about all the experiences you had as a Hotwife. As you may know from our blog Desire and I are just playing with the fantasy so far so reading about it from someone who has been in the lifestyle for a long time will be both hot and educational I'm sure.

Thanks again,