My First Blog Entry

Hi there! Wow! My very first entry in my new blog. I've often dreamed of being able to share my thoughts and experiences on my own website and finally it is coming true. Over the years so many people have asked and, yes, even pleaded with me to create a website. Even though I have always wanted to do it, my main difficulty was to actually find the time to make it happen.

I realize that if simply wanted to post my material on someone else's website, it would likely be fairly easy. However, to simply hand over my memories and mementos without any control over how it is presented, just doesn't work for me. We all know that the vast majority of the hotwife-related stuff on the web these days is just professionally made pornography posing as the real thing. My personal memoirs reflect the actually life experiences of a real person (yours truly) and I simply couldn't tolerate them being colored with the same brush as the rest of that stuff.

The hotwife lifestyle is a lifestyle choice that is growing in popularity and there are many real couples out there that are exploring its joys and challenges. There are many more that are curious and would like to try. Often wives are actually scared off by the way the lifestyle is described on the internet and many a husband who would like his wife to try being a hotwife is thwarted in his efforts to persuade her by the way hotwives are presented on many websites.

I happen to know first-hand how good the hotwife lifestyle can be for some couples and I would like to see those couples who are interested get the information and encouragement that they need to proceed successfully. I hope that, by sharing my memories and experiences of being a very happy hotwife, I can help make that a reality.

It would be hard to overstate how excited I am about "Memoirs of a Hotwife" website, especially now that it is actually open. For a while there, it seemed like it was just a whole lot of work and I wondered if I would ever actually have it ready to show anyone. I almost gave up on it a couple of times. Now, with much help and encouragement from my husband, Joe, and others, it is finally ready, at least enough so I can feel ok about inviting visitors to see it. If you have any suggestions of how I can improve it, please get in touch and let me know.

Sharing my real-life erotic experiences with people who are genuinely interested has always been exciting for me. I used to spend quite a bit of time in adult chatrooms and have posted on a number of adult sharing sites over the years so it is possible that you may have seen a few pictures of me before. In recent years I've just been too busy to do much of that and I do miss it, especially the feeling of erotic excitement I get sometimes from meeting new people and sharing intimate chat and pictures with them. In the past I have met a number of wonderful sexual playmates that way and I hope that now, with my own website, I will meet be able to meet more, in a virtual sense at least but hopefully in real life as well.

I will be writing in my blog and adding new material here every week so feel free to come back here often.

Have a wonderful day. Hope to see you soon... Julie

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